• Jenn Sarfaty

Revisiting My Introduction

We convince ourselves mercilessly that we have nothing worthwhile to share with the world. We assume what we know everyone else already learned. Therefore, we’re not that interesting and do not have much to contribute to the plentiful (and crucial) conversation that is life. At least, I do. This tendency of allowing self-doubt have the final say has many names - self sabotage, imposter syndrome, internalized bullshit. But however you want to label it, it is all a neatly packaged excuse to not share your expertise with people who would truly appreciate it. Cue, me - dare I say wellness expert. Someone who has dedicated the majority, if not all, of their adult life studying the human movement system, food as fuel, selfcare from a standpoint of a health versus trend, emotional processing, and a whole lot of health-centered topics in between. But I assume what I know is common knowledge. What I’m most interested in is how people feel - physically, emotionally, mentally - by finding solace in their past experiences, living intentionally with their present opportunities, and enough drive (and reality checks) to be excited for their future.

I’m beginning to realize this is not everyone’s passion. And damn, imagine that moment - “You mean not everyone is a self-improvement junky like me?” This, of course, escalated: - Do people know what it means to feel truly good in their bodies? - Do they have the tools to catch when they’re giving in to self destructive behaviors that are holding them back from things they would excel at?

- What resources do I have that others do not have access to that I can share in order to share even a moment of a balance in our fast-paced, connection-less day-to-day lives?

AND the biggest of all, “You’re telling me that not everyone has goals set out that straight up excite them every single day of their lives?” To be honest, this realization crushed me. As someone who frames their whole life around proving myself wrong, getting myself productively uncomfortable, and CRUSHING limits I have on myself, it was foolish for me to have thought I couldn’t add value to people’s lives just by solely sharing the things I care about. Because what I care about is collective wellness. Not just if you’re eating breakfast or lifting weights, but that you have the tools to feel freed from whatever is making your life dull. Because I’d bet you have things you could share that would benefit everyone around you (including me!).

If you’re in a job you hate, a relationship that isn’t supporting your growth, an apartment you can barely afford, and patterns that suck the joy out of the small window you have for yourself outside your 9-5 (and let’s be real, that’s usually more like a 8-6), how the hell can you expect to take the jump of doing the things you DREAM about? I had another hesitancy here, when contemplating revisiting this platform… I was really worried about sounding gimmicky. Afterall, I’ve been trained to SELL, anything from weight loss programs to cell phones. But after sitting with this for awhile, it was clear to me that I can’t sell this because in my honest opinion, it’s a basic human right to like your life.

So, do me a favor. Sit with yourself and be honest with your internalized bullshit. What do you need? What can you give? What is it that you want? What is stopping you? If you’re comfortable, please share as it will help mold this platform into what I want it to be - a means of using my self-development hyper-energy to other people who would really benefit from it. I mean, who wouldn’t benefit from support and encouragement to keep getting BETTER?

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